Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dreaming of a Tropical Vacation

Even though I live in Los Angeles and to most people this is a tropical location, this rainy week I would be glad to argue otherwise. Hopefully this summer I'll get a little break and head to beautiful Brazil. Yes, I can see it now, sitting on the white sand in Rio and sipping fruity beverages without a care in the world. Well until then here are a few images to delight the senses, even if you're like me and sitting in a freezing apartment with five layers of clothing on.

Rio de Janeiro

Michael Kors, Spring 2009 RTW, photo courtesy of

Banana Leaf wallpaper in a Los Angeles home, photo courtesy of InStyle

Yellow Chandelier from Pieces


mknace said...

hopefully your dream will come true

Bella said...

Rio is super nice. You'll love it!

JL said...

Yes, I'm really hoping to make Rio a reality this year! Thanks for the comments!