Friday, March 21, 2008

Florence Broadhurst

Spring is finally here and it's a great time to break out the bright colors. Florence Broadhurst was one of the great wallpaper and textile designers, she even did the wallpaper for Studio 54! Thanks to Signature Prints in Australia, her prints are back in production. I've linked a few lovely finds of different ways these fantastic prints and patterns can be incorporated into your decor as well!! Also, check out her book "Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives" by Chronicle Books, a great read to add to your book collection!

Keyline Chocolate and Coral on Silver Mylar Wallpaper and Fabric (photo by Walnut Wallpaper)

Kabuki Fans Wallpaper in a Woodson and Rummerfield's design project

Woodson and Rummerfield's showroom featuring Florence Broadhurst fabrics and wallpaper

(Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives)

(photo by Walnut Wallpaper)

Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of House and Garden sitting on Florence Broadhurst fabric covered bench

Black Japanese Floral Fabric (photo by Decor8 / Flickr)

Matte Emulsion Yvans Geometric Wallpaper (photo by midcenturyjo / Flickr)

Sunspot Cranes and Sunspot Bamboo Fabric (photo by spiro_anna / Flickr)

Egrets Wallpaper (photo by mondoagogo / Flickr)